The Next Generation of Higher Education

We set on a journey to reform Higher Education to relieve the student debt crisis and improve on a host of student outcomes from graduation and placement rates to underemployment and the persistent skills gap where universities continue to underperform.


How can we do that? We are planning to launch a brand new university with in-person instruction and residential campuses to build out, scale, and diffuse the innovative operating and academic model we developed.  We plan to deliver outstanding value to students by achieving better graduation and placement rates at a much lower cost.


We intend to price undergraduate tuition at only $15,000 per year,  with our program designed to take only 3 years to complete not 4, so the total cost of an undergraduate degree to students and their parents would be just 30% of what they may pay at other private nonprofit universities.   NewU students will also get to spend a full year on 3 continents immersing themselves into how people live, study, and work in the US, China, and Europe.   


We can keep prices low by leveraging a novel and efficient operating model based on a shorter program, an optimized cost structure where our instruction and real estate costs are well below averages, and a lower cost global campus. Living expenses abroad in Year 2 and Year 3 are lower than what they are in the US, too. And we will spend our students' tuition money on teaching, academic programs, and student support services, not on sports teams, faculty research, hospitals, or a large administration.


Thank you for your support!

Legal Disclaimer: NewU Inc. plans to apply for a license from the Washington DC Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC) this year, and we will commence advertising to prospective students only upon successfully obtaining such a license.  In the meantime, this website and all public messaging across all NewU platforms exist solely to enable partnerships with other organizations and to support our fundraising activities.  None of NewU Inc.'s communications are intended as, or constitute advertising to prospective students.

The Future

Mission and Vision

The Mission of NewU is to empower students to become successful, resilient, socially engaged, and ethical citizens of the world for life.

Our Vision is that by the year 2030 leading universities around the world will adopt our operating and learning model to transform the Higher Education sector for the benefit of society.


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“Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time.”

Chinese Proverb

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