About Us

The NewU team contributes a wide range of business and academic insight and experience to the genesis of this innovative and bold initiative to reform Higher Education.  We are determined to offer a new model of university education to students, and to help them, their parents, and society eliminate student debt, while endowing students with the skills and attitudes needed for them to succeed as social entrepreneurs or in any other calling.


We are now registered as a non-profit corporation in the United States.  The IRS issued an Approval Letter granting NewU Inc. tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, and making any charitable contributions to NewU Inc. tax-deductible in the US.

We are open to partner with a regionally accredited US university prior to launch, and will pursue our own Regional Accreditation from one of the higher education accrediting commissions in the US soon after we begin operations.

We plan to offer a multidisciplinary undergraduate program based on a much enhanced liberal arts framework.  We may eventually expand our portfolio to include graduate studies. 

We are working hard to open the doors of NewU for our first class of undergraduate students in Fall 2021, subject to first securing a license from the DC Higher Education Licensure Commission.  To join us as a Founding Partner, email us today.


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